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Welcome to Beetem Designs

Over the past 25 years Geoffrey has taken a painterly approach to the sphere through investigation and experimentation of various surface designs, patterns, and graphics. "The sphere has universal properties and is the most perfectly symmetrical form, to me it is very mystical and majestic." The integrity of the shape and content are very important to Geoffrey.
To Geoffrey, the universe holds many mysteries and he, like so many throughout time, see it as a great source of inspiration. His work New Earth and the stellar series are products of his interest and shows his skills as a master of glass. These styles and many more can be found on the Marble Portfolio page, where order information is also provided. Please feel free to browse through the site to learn more about Geoffrey's designs, techniques and products.

Geoffrey takes an enormous pride in creating his art, and hopes that everyone will find something they enjoy. If you need order information or have any other questions please send us an e-mail at beetemdesigns@earthlink.net.
This site is still under construction, we apologize for any issues encountered we are working to fix them.

We accept payment in the forms of personal checks, credit cards (those accepted are pictured belong) and through Paypal.

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